We are a company driven to provide quality construction management and development services to our clients. Working as a team, each one contributing in building the best management company in our industry. A company that is at its best meeting the diverse needs of the people we serve using, technology, research and innovation to build projects that last.

About Us

MAVCON has one of the largest capacities in the South and Midwest. How does that apply to you? With our level of competency and quality we understand that each project, whether a $1 million project for a local business or a $10 million dollar project for a automotive supply chain, is uniquely important to us and you. Delivering a quality project each time is the foundation of MAVCON.

Keeping Your Project On Line

MAVCON is a complete “full service” general contractor and construction manager. Our experienced management team has the knowledge and experience in the mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural fields to find and eliminate errors in the reconstruction process, giving solutions to challenges up front. These eliminated errors ensure the time schedule, monetary commitment and the value of each project.

MAVCON works hard to make sure that the three most important principles of the construction industry are withheld in every construction project: Time, Value and Money. We use project management software and seek to maximize results and value in every area of our business. We work with our clients to save them the most money without compromising quality in each phase of the construction process. MAVCON is always seeking new ways through technology, research and innovation to maximize the value of each project while eliminating extra cost and completing each project in the time allotted. These can be extremely important, protecting your investment and budget from the effects of a volatile marketplace.

With the fast paced mentality that permeates our society, MAVCON works hard to make sure that your investment is built completely and accurately. We can guarantee this because of the professionals that work with MAVCON. Our staff understands the importance of the process we use and the safety standards by which we operate. We have found that through these processes and safety standards the efficiency of each project improves dramatically. We live for the challenges that come with each construction project and we believe that our success is based in the extra effort we give. For more information please contact us. You may also browse through our project experience page.